RayShaper manufactures an innovative reconfigurable acquisition system that can produce various types of high quality immersive contents (gigapixel, light field video with 6 degrees of freedom) along with a unique processing and editing software solution.

RayShaper provides training programs to integrate its acquisition solution into a number of video production workflows and offers services for creation of immersive contents for promotion, advertisement, educational entertainment and immersive movie production.

Rayshaper also provides computer system design, software design and implementation services tailored to it's customers in the video acquistion domain.

Finally, Rayshaper provide hosted custom cutting edge computing technology and programmable information services through our website on a per request basis.

small foot-print 6 DoF camera

A small foot-print 6 DoF camera that is capable of capturing light field information in a compact size with interchangeable lenses.

compound vision camera system

A compound vision camera system providing an equivalent resolution of billions of pixels, or 2 orders of magnitude higher than state-of-the-art single-lens camera systems.

post production system

A post production system to efficiently render ultra high resolution 3D 360 degree and immersive light field content in real time with very low latency.


Check out our Youtube channel for a selection of projects. Our most recent event is the Fête de la Musique in Shanghai.

Meet the Team

  • Jiangtao Wen

    Jiangtao Wen, CEO

    RayShaper team is composed of Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi from EPFL , (chairman and CTO), Prof. Gene Wen from Tsinghua University (CEO) and Prof. Erica Han, from South China Agriculture University (COO). A dozen employees are envisaged to be hired in the next 24 months. RayShaper is currently at seed funding stage and plans an increase in capital by the end of 2019.


Montreux Jazz Festival 2019

FIBA World Cup


A recent RTS program about Crans Montana, mentions RayShaper.


Après les stars de cinéma, Crans-Montana drague les start-up

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